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Science For Kids - Lesson Plans

Understanding Life Systems (Grade 2)

Growth and Changes in Animals: The Circle of Life
- from EcoKids, Reproduced with the permission of Earth Day Canada, copyright 2008

Lesson Plan - The Circle of Life

After watching “The Circle of Life” Song from The Lion King movie, children will discuss the circle of life, and participate in a game using blocks to show how smaller living things ‘support’ larger living things, and how the actions we take affect all things in the circle of life.

Time: 80 minutes (total)

  • Motivation, 5 minutes
  • Recap, 10 minutes
  • Body, 15 minutes
  • Check for understanding, 5 minutes
  • Consolidation, 25 minutes
  • Closure, 20 minutes

Recap and Body



Products promoting environmental education and awareness in children, youths and adults

science for kids, science experiments educational toys, solar toys, science kits, teacher supplies, classroom supplies

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