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      Cool science for children of all ages...
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Science for Kids

Eco Tutor- science for kids, science experiments, science kits, educational toys , solar toys, teacher supplies, classroom supplies, childrens books, science toys and much more!

Lesson Plans
& Hands-On Activities

Kidwind Project Lesson Plans:
The KidWind Project is
a team of teachers, engineers and scientists committed to innovative energy education. Lesson plans include Energy Notions, "See" The Wind, Wind Farm Scale Models, Designing Wind Turbine Blades, Siting Wind Projects, Wind Power and Local Wind Data. Math lessons include Units, Gear Ratios, Swept Area, Coefficient of Power, Tip Speed Ratio, Triangle Height Measurement and Word Problems.

Eco Kids Lesson Plans
Eco Kids is offering new lesson plans tailored to the Ontario Elementary Science and Technology curriculum, incorporating the 2008 “Environmental Education Scope and Sequence of Expectations” resource guide. The following science based lesson plans fall under the category "Understand Life Systems":

EcoKid Activities:
Want to do something to help our planet? Get busy with these exciting hands-on activities and fun, ready-to-go projects that help your community and the environment. Activities feature environmental issues, science, nature, energy and wildlife.

EcoKid Puzzles and Word Games:
Try these entertaining and educational puzzles and word games. These puzzles and word games have an eco theme, such as environmental issues, First Nations and Inuit, science, nature, energy, and wildlife.

Science for Kids - Science Experiments

Fun and easy science experiments for children of all ages:


Science Fair Projects

Super Science Fair Projects offers a step-by-step guide to science fair projects for students - middle through high school. Over 500 science projects, science experiments and science fair project ideas. Parents and Teacher's Guide and Resources.

For additional science fair project ideas, check out Projects From The Pond: Water and Algae Related Science Fair Ideas from Pond World! Topics include Food Chain of a Pond, Algae and Photosynthesis, Create Your Own Ecosphere, Algae and Protozoa, and Environment and Pollution.



Shaping Our School, Shaping Our Future - Environmental Education in Ontario Schools
Ontario Ministry of Education 2007: The working Group on Environmental Education
Over the past decade, changes in the Earth's environment and its natural systems have emerged as a matter of increasingly urgent concern around the world. While the issues are complex and diverse, there is a shared and universal recognition that solutions will arise only through committed action on a global, national, regional, local, and individual scale. Schools have a vital role to play in preparing our young people to take their place as informed, engaged, and empowered citizens who will be pivotal in shaping the future of our communities, our province, our country, and our global environment.

Ready, Set, Green! was prepared by the Ontario Ministry of Education to support effective environmental education and environmentally sound practices in Ontario schools. Based on current programs and practices in schools and boards across the province, Ready, Set, Green! is intended to stimulate discussion of this increasingly important issue, and provide practical tools and strategies that can be put to use in boards, schools, and communities.

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