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8" Cuddlekins Babies: Plush Stuffed Emperor Penguin

SKU: 018-83628
Weight: 0 kg 100 g

Awww, it's a baby emperor penguin! This 8" plush baby emperor penguin from Wild Republic's Cuddlekins collection is soft and sweet for your child to snuggle with and will provide hours of entertainment for your young animal lover. This plush stuffed baby penguin still has his round, gray, downy belly and has a shorter beak than the adult Cuddlekins emperor penguin, giving him the adorable look of an infant. Suitable for ages 3 and up. About the Emperor Penguin Emperor penguins are the largest members of the penguin family, and they live in Antarctica. There, temperatures can drop below -140 F. A female lays a single egg during winter, gives it to the male to keep warm, and returns to sea. After nine long weeks, the egg hatches and the females return. Finally, the hungry dads can catch some fish! Both parents then take turns hunting fish and feeding the chick. Ages 3+


  • highly detailed design
  • quality fabric
  • ultra-plush stuffing
  • authentic baby features

Price: (CDN$)9.00
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8" Cuddlekins Babies: Plush Stuffed Emperor Penguin
8" Cuddlekins Babies: Plush Stuffed Emperor Penguin
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