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Science for Kids


Solar Monoplane Model Kit

SKU: 026-P210
Weight: 0 kg 500 g

This environmentally-friendly monoplane uses the sun's energy to move the propeller, bringing to life the magic of solar energy. Kids will be fascinated by how it works and will get great pleasure from conducting their own solar energy experiments.


A monoplane is a fixed-wing aircraft with one main set of wing surfaces. In this wonderful construction kit pieces are slotted together to form a 160mm x 150mm x 100mm monoplane. No glue or tools are needed and detailed instructions are included. When built, simply place the monoplane in a sunny spot and solar energy will make the propeller rotate


Recommended for ages 6+

Price: (CDN$)9.95
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Solar Monoplane Model Kit
Solar Monoplane Model Kit
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